The Comic:
    Parisa is an all ages adventure story of two friends, Nolan and Gwen, helping ferry a wayward amnesiac spirit throughout the world of Parisa. It is guided by a gut feeling and a vague sense of duty. This sometimes lands them in trouble. Nolan's gesture of good will to the spirit is turning out to be more complicated than he originally thought.

    I started posting Parisa back in 2014. It was originally a joint comic back in 2008 before I had the skills to approach long form stories. I worked on the premise and eventually bit the bullet and began posting pages. I learned a lot while making this and I plan to learn a lot more. I treat Parisa as a toy chest for my creations as well as a medium I can stick to which allows me to commit to learning the craft of both illustration and writing.

    You could sum up Parisa's vibe as a love letter to Klonoa, Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Digimon, and other favorite games and anime. I have always wanted a long form story to call my own with characters that, I feel, grow with me.

The Author:
    Ellen has been drawing since she was four years old and subsists on a steady diet of dirt and anime. She has a fondness for cats, sheep, trains, and Klonoa. She grew up on cute platform games, RPGs, cartoons, anime, and animal planet. If you're a fan and have any questions or comments on Parisa, please don't hesitate to contact her via ellensusannekramer@gmail.com or on twitter.
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